Inside the Deku Tree – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Guide


Inside the Deku Tree – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Guide

In order to save the Great Deku Tree, you will need to break the curse that lies inside of him. Once inside, take note of the web in the center; it will be

[LOZ] Ocarina of Time – B1 Skip (Deku Tree) Guide

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This strat saves you a ton of time and is useful in all runs of the game. Why go through the entire basement when you can just jump up the ledge?

1) Put yourself in the water in the basement beside the pushing block path
2) Walk into the section where the 2 walls meet (the angle change area)
3) Z target (and hold) so you are directly facing the wall / section
4) Roll into the section where the 2 walls meet
5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the angle of the camera does not change
6) Ensure the angle of Link when untargeted lines up with the center of the section and the torch above at the top of your screen
7) While Z targeting (Hold), Backflip TWICE
8) Side Hop ONCE to the right
9) Side Hop ONCE to the left
10) Un-target.
11) C – Up and align the left edge of your B button with the small dark line at the top center of the screen (It’s on the triangle shaped pillar)
12) Let go of C – Up. Z target (Hold)
13) Roll forward ONCE. (You can pause buffer the rolls if you’d like)
14) Roll forward again. Mid roll let go of Z target and hold straight forward on the joystick
15) Link should climb the ledge! Push the block down for safety or do the backflip slash strat with the stick to catch it on fire / use dins fire.


The key to the trick is ensuring you have similar / exact positioning as I do in the video. Whether it’s lining up Link at the start, the distance he gets when he side hops to the right, how close his B button is to the black line, how close the B button is to the top of the ledge after the first forward roll, etc. Try your best to exactly replicate this trick. Remember, we’re going for getting the trick to work. NOT for trying to be fast with it. That comes with comfortability.



1) Link is jumping but not grabbing the ledge?
Your start angle / C – up angle was slightly off. Realign in the corner where the 2 walls meet and try again

2) Link isn’t jumping, he just falls in the water
Link’s position was off, either from a wrong setup angle, or from added movement in part of the trick (backflipping, side hop or roll)

Deku Tree EVERYTHING Possible Before & Through | TRUE 100% Walkthrough | Zelda Ocarina of Time

We’re doing everything up to the Great Deku Tree. Getting the Kokiri Sword, The Deku Shield, a few skultulas and finishing up the Great Deku Tree. It’s not too difficult, but this is me doing it on stream!

and what a TRUE 100% game is, is to do everything possible that is permanent and can’t be reversed. Also of course collecting everything possible in the game. Of course all Skulltulas, heart pieces, all treasure chest, even compasses and so much more! Seeking adventure, puzzles, and a dash of nostalgia? Look no further than to play the legend of Zelda games online. This is your chance to explore the kingdom of Hyrule and become the hero Hylians have been waiting for.

I hope you enjoy this quick series!

This is the guide that I followed:

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Ocarina of Time N64 100% – Episode 2 – Inside the Great Deku Tree

Ocarina of Time N64 100% – Episode 2 – Inside the Great Deku Tree

Link enters the Great Deku Tree to get rid of Ganondorf’s curse.

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Played by Maurits.

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