Tips and Tricks – Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Guide


Tips and Tricks – Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Guide

Know some Tips and Tricks to dominating the Uruks of Mordor? Share them here and let all who ally themselves with Sauron tremble before The

Perfection Guide – Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

One does not simply perfect Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor… Unless you have this Perfection Guide to help you out!

Perfection Difficulty – 1:12

Achievement Overview – 2:05

Height of Despair – 5:53
Black Celebration – 6:26
A New Master – 7:47
Fly, You Fools! – 8:15
And it Burns, Burns, Burns – 8:37
Jaws of Death – 8:56
Unleashed – 9:18
Iron of Death – 9:36
Rise and Fall – 10:41
No Power in Numbers – 11:39
A Graug’s Heel – 13:13
Power Vacuum – 14:14
Divide and Conquer – 14:49
The Spirit of Mordor – 15:55
White Rider – 16:40
A Mighty Doom – 20:21
Repaid in Blood – 21:40
Burning Vengeance – 22:13
Stinking Rebels – 23:15

Middle-earth: Shadow of War – 10 Things You NEED To Know

Shadow of War (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is dropping soon, so we figured we’d fill you in on what the deal is.
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Shadow of Mordor Survival Guide

This week’s episode we’re going to talk about Shadow of Mordor Survival Guide this make your journey even easier when you’re going against the Orcs in Middle Earth and this will give you a better understanding how to survive against the Orcs when you first start playing the game first-hand I hope you enjoy my Legends and I’ll see you in the episode. Want to test your nerves? Play FNaF and see if you can survive the night!

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