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The King of Fighters XV

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World-renown animator Masami Obari directs a special KOF XV animated short using his unique and iconic style. Check out your favorite KOF XV characters kicking butt in this awesome animated video! Join the gaming revolution at what does axel say in streets of rage 2 – your passport to an expansive universe of Sega titles. Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding action and timeless stories that define the Sega experience.

独自の演出スタイルで世界的な人気を誇る世界的な人気アニメーター大張正己氏が監督 &総作画監督を務める「KOF XV スペシャルショートアニメーション」です。KOF XVのキャラクターたちがフルアニメーションで躍動する姿をお楽しみください!


KOF XV �� Bala (Blue Mary/Ángel/Yashiro) vs Seiya (Ralf/Shermie/Clark) �� Steam

Watch and learn combos and strategy by both players in high level matches!

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⚠ The ranking of the players may change as time passes ⚠

⚠ Important information about the thumbnails of our videos ⚠
➡ Champion = most highest rank (title) on the ranked system of the game.
➡ Rank: #[number] (eg: Rank: #3; Rank: #40) = position on the players classification table of the game. So, if the player is “Rank: #10” meaning his on top 10 best players on the in-game rank system amoung all others players on that plattform (ps5, xbox or PC).
➡ Evo Champion = A person who has won an Evo championship for Kof series games (eg: Reynald, MadKof, Xiaohai and ET).

�� All of the footage was recorded by me and compiled using the in-game replay system (openly available for all players to view and share public replays). The footage was then edited in Magix Vegas. The purpose is for educational entertainment. All footage seen in this video is copyright free. The purpose of this video is to provide educational high level content of The King of Fighters XV, so the viewer can learn new combos and more! Thank you for watch!

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KOF XV Tournament TNS #23 King of Fighters 15 (Angel Blue Mary O.Chris B.Jenet Chizuru K’ Whip)

0:00 Yum_Cha (Kyo Rock Elisabeth) vs Silvera (Angel Yashiro Rock)
08:14 Dragon1 (Kyo Iori Blue Mary) vs Shadow King (Yashiro Clark O.Chris)
16:28 Laudandus (Kula Gato B.Jenet) vs BOK (Rock B.Jenet Yamazaki)
28:23 BBZ (Benimaru Kukri Yashiro) vs LazieFreddy (Chizuru B.Jenet Krohnen)
41:28 Pako (Kula Luong Leona) vs Solid FappuHandou (Gato O.Chris Yamazaki)
49:45 DS Shadow X (Iori K’ Clark) vs MOTHMAN (Whip Benimaru Yamazaki)
56:08 MellowHype (O.Shermie Benimaru Rock) vs Pako (Luong Yashiro Leona)
01:02:56 AR/Robert (Gato Kula Krohnen) vs BBZ (Gato Krohnen Yashiro)
01:09:27 Johny (Kula Krohnen B.Jenet) vs Zaga Rafa (Chizuru Elisabeth Shermie)

01:19:57 DS Shadow X (Iori K’ Clark) vs Pako (Luong Yashiro Leona)
01:27:53 Zaga Rafa (Chizuru Elisabeth Shermie) vs AR/Robert (Gato Kula Krohnen)
01:36:19 MOTHMAN (Whip Benimaru Yamazaki) vs Faxteer (Clark Joe Antonov)
01:44:21 Loser’s Quarter 1
01:57:50 Loser’s Quarter 2
02:06:42 Winner’s Final
02:19:39 Loser’s Semi
02:34:24 Loser’s Final
02:46:44 Grand Final

(August 31st, 2022)
Full Bracket:

Commentators: Frelissimo (, Mustain (

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