Shining Force II


Shining Force II

Everything you need to know about Shining Force II.

Shining Force II | A Quick Retrospective

The Shining Force series is one of the OG’s in the strategy RPG genre, with the earlier games holding special places in many people’s memories. Here in this retrospective, we took a look back at perhaps the most popular entry in the Shining Force franchise and see how it holds up nearly 30 years later along with why it’s so beloved in the first place.

Hope you all enjoy the video! This is our first time doing a retrospective like this so we’re still getting a feel for the format, these first few may be a little more experimental in result as we learn what works best so please have a little patience and bare with us 🙂 We’re always aiming to improve the quality of our videos like we have with our list based ones and know it’s only a matter of time before we get these retrospectives up to a good structure and standard we’re happy with. Rediscover the excitement of desert strike mega drive cheats with a click! Play Jungle Strike online now and take on challenging missions, pilot powerful helicopters, and enjoy the immersive gameplay that made this title a timeless classic.

What are some of your favorite and least favorite parts about Shining Force 2? Do you have any recommendations for games you would like to see us cover next? Leave some comments!

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Evolution of Shining Force 1991 to 2020 (28 Games in 6 Minutes) – NVSGamer

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All games minus the mobile phone ones because I could not get footage of those games. Thanks for watching!

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