Founded in December 2017 by Anaïs Allias and Margaux Salarino, Temple is an independent magazine of art, fashion and graphic experimentation. It presents contemporary designers and artists. The images are constructed by a principle of appropriation, reintervention and collages made from the contributions sent. The magazine consists of interviews, conversations and essays by creators gathered around a different theme for each issue. The object itself is conceived as a reflection and criticism on the subject where each contributor sends a project selection in link.





Distribution points in France, Belgium, England and Sweden. Contact for the inserts in Temple Magazine: Contact[at]templeetfils.com.


Claude Allias, Marie-Claire Allias, Odette Allias, Pascale Allias, Juliette Ambil, Olivier Ambroise, Alain Blanchard, Thibaut Biscos Perriand, Joseph Bongrand, Claire Boullé, Julia Branché, Fred Briet, Marie-Pierre Briet, William Callier, Serge Carle, Charlotte Caubet, Benjamin Caron, Matthieu Cossé, Thomas Defour, Louise Desnos, Anthony Deutsch, Lucienne Ferrer, Vincent Gandolfo, Diane Gaignoux, Clément Garcia, Naomi Gilon, Antoine Grulier, Jérôme Guglielmi, Hancao, Carole Hours, Renaud Huberlant, Marguerite Karmochkine, Catherine Kerebel, Manon Lambert, Mathilde Leroy, Antoine Louis, Michel Martin, Zelda Mauger, Martial Marquet, Laurent Müller, Emma Pastor, Bernard Salarino, Matthieu Salarino, Véronique Salarino, Marine Salmagne, Carlat Sommet.

Design and developement: Stanley Obobogo